The Future of Autograph Collecting

A Book About Autographs

A Book About Autographs

From the Desk of Scott Winslow,

Recently, I put on my prophetic hat in order to attempt a prediction as to what the future of autograph collecting holds in store. After realizing the futility of such an exercise, I thought about the history of collecting autographs and how those collectors before us have contributed to the marketplace today. Indeed, collecting autographs has been an avocation of the intellectually curious for centuries and many prominent people throughout history have derived great pleasure from the hobby. It is well-known that FDR was an avid collector of autographs and more than a few of us have had, or currently have items that were once owned by our 32nd president. Indeed, I find it of interest when I receive autographs with the original dealer invoices of yesteryear. It’s truly amazing to see the prices at which autographs exchanged hands amongst our hobby forebears. But more than the values alone, the passion for collecting autographs instills within us a continuing desire to better understand the human element – those people who have shaped what we as a civilization have become today. One such American found great intellectual stimulation, enjoyment and pride in autograph collecting. His name was Simon Gratz and in 1920 he published a book entitled “A Book About Autographs”, a limited edition of only 500 copies It’s contents detail his passion for autographs and acts as a primer which, when taken in context, remains very relevant to today’s collector. I’ve placed an accompanying link for you to view a pdf of the book. Just click on the Photo of Simon Gratz and it will take you there. It is in the public domain so no worries about copyright. Perhaps this book will offer each of us our own perspective as to the future of autograph collecting.

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