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This Week’s Profile – Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna – His Attempted Return To Power With Land Backed Bonds

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

SANTA ANNA, ANTONIO LOPEZ DE (1795-1876).  Mexican general and politician.  Santa Anna is one of the most interesting figures in Mexican political history, having been President/Dictator of Mexico some 10 times during his career.  He began in the Spanish Army fighting against Mexican independence but switched sides and helped free Mexico from Spanish rule and install its first emperor, when it was in his interest to do so.  Not content with his reward in this effort, he dethroned the emperor, and installed himself as the head of government.  In 1836, he attempted to put down the revolt of U.S. citizens living in Texas who wanted Texas to join the U.S.  He is best known in the U.S. for his slaughter of many Americans at the Alamo during this struggle.  Soon after the Alamo, he was defeated by Sam Houston at San Jacinto, and Texas was granted its independence.  After this, Santa Anna was in and out of power – and in and out of Mexico – for the rest of his life.  He returned to Mexico in 1874 for the final time, and died in poverty in Mexico City

New York. $500 First Mortgage bond bearing 7% interest. Black/White with Green embossed seal. Oblong large folio. This series of bonds was issued by ANTONIO LOPEZ DE SANTA ANNA (1794 – 1876)  with his properties in Vera Cruz, St. Thomas and New Granada pledged as collateral. Issued while he was in exile in Mexico, it was Santa Anna’s intent to use the proceeds of this issue to finance his return to power, an effort which eventually failed. A wonderful ornate bond signed by the man who led the forces that attacked and destroyed the Alamo in 1836.

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Collectible Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Document

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Printed Document Signed In Type By Santa Anna Days Before The Taking of Veracruz And His Promotion To The Rank Of Brigadier General

Signed in type by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. (1794-1876) Mexican political leader who greatly influenced Mexican and Spanish politics and government. During his forty year career, Santa Anna rose to the rank of both general and president. Over a period of twenty-two years, Santa Anna served as President of Mexico on eleven non-consecutive occasions. The Spanish document concerns a two percent tax placed upon gold and silver in relation to a loan of six hundred thousand pesos. Very Fine.

On October 25, 1822 Santa Anna would take control of Veracruz under orders from Mexico’s Emperor Iturbide. For this successful operation, Santa Anna was named brigadier general and Commander of the Province of Veracruz by Iturbide. Iturbide soon grew suspicious of Santa Anna’s power, quickly removing him from his command and ordering him to join the Junta de Guerra in Mexico City. Santa Anna refused to follow this order and instead returned to Veracruz where he proclaimed a Mexican Republic and declared Iturbide’s reign invalid in early December of 1822. With support growing quickly for a Mexican Republic, Iturbide was forced to abdicate on March 19, 1823. A fine document from an important period in the early life of Santa Anna.

Printed Document.
One page, 8 1/2″” x 12″”, on laid paper.
Veracruz. October 15, 1822.

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