Check Signed By Ross Winans

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Ross Winans (1796–1877) was an American inventor, entrepreneur, and mechanical engineer known for his significant contributions to the development of transportation during the 19th century. Born in Vernon, New Jersey, Winans gained recognition for his innovative work in the railroad industry. In the 1830s, he designed and patented the "camelback" locomotive, which featured an unconventional configuration with the boiler located in the middle of the locomotive rather than at the front. This design allowed for a lower center of gravity and improved stability, making it well-suited for navigating the curves and inclines of early railroads. The camelback locomotive became widely used and played a crucial role in the expansion of rail transportation.
Beyond his work in railroads, Winans also contributed to steamship design and patented several inventions related to steam engines and boilers. His engineering prowess and entrepreneurial spirit left a lasting impact on the transportation industry, influencing the evolution of locomotive design and contributing to the rapid growth of railroads in the United States during the 19th century. Ross Winans' legacy endures as a pioneering figure in the history of American transportation and engineering.

DS. 7 5/8" x 3 1/4". Baltimore, April 20, 1872. Partly-printed check drawn on Winans' personal account against Alexander Brown & Sons, payable to A.S. Abell & Co. in the amount of $96.02. Accomplished in a secretarial hand and signed by Winans as maker. Attached adhesive revenue stamp. Very light bleed-through from writing on verso. Minor paper loss at left bottom affects nothing. Bank cut cancellation, minor paper loss, not affecting Winans' signature which he boldly signs in blue.