Colonel Edwin M. Upton - Let the Massachusetts 25th Volunteer Infantry During the Civil War

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1876, New York. Stock certificate for 14 shares. Engraved vignette of a steam locomotive at top center, nice portrait vignette of Frederick Billings at bottom. Issued to and signed on stub and on verso by Edwin M. Upton (1815 - 1890) was the first Colonel of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry that fought for the Union in the American Civil War. The regiment was organized and led by Upton to its first series of battles including battles at Roanoke, New Berne, and Trenton Bridge. Upton was forced to resign his position due to health problems; however, his troops held him in high regard. With $1000 of regiment-donated money, the regiment purchased Upton a high quality Tiffany set of sword, sash, and belt to show their respect for Upton. Punch cancellation not affecting signatures. Very Fine.