Played In The First Collegiate Football/Soccer Game In American History In A Match Between Rutgers and Princeton

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George S. Billmeyer (1849 – 1917). President of Billmeyer & Small railway car builders following the death of his father Charles Billmeyer. Played in the first collegiate Football/Soccer game in U. S. history and credited as one of its principal organizers. Billmeyer was a student at Rutgers College in New Jersey during the late 1860s. He played a pivotal role in organizing what is widely considered the first college football game in history. On November 6, 1869, Billmeyer and his fellow Rutgers students squared off against students from Princeton University in a game that marked the birth of intercollegiate football. The match took place on a field in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and although the game's rules and style of play were quite different from modern football, it laid the groundwork for the sport we know today.


New York, March 21, 1889. Stock certificate for 1 share of the Saint Paul & Duluth Railroad Company. Issued to and signed twice on verso by George S. Billmeyer. A rarely seen item offered by this prominent railcar builder and early football pioneer. Punch cancellations not affecting Billmeyer’s two signature.