Remarkable Lot of Thirteen American Bank Note Company Annual Reports Dated From 1864 - 1876 Signed By Many of The Giants of The BankNote Engraving Industry

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AMERICAN BANKNOTE COMPANY LOT OF THIRTEEN ANNUAL REPORTS. An interesting and extraordinary annual reports of business conducted by the legendary American Bank Note Company, ABN, as it is commonly know has been America's premier engraver and printer for 150 years. These thirteen reports document the annual activity of the company from 1864-1876. The reports are fascinating to read and they document the company's activities in printing national currency for the United States as well as currency for foreign governments. While the detail they offer on the company finances and production is interesting to read, they are signed by some of the period's most prominent and well respected engravers who had been highly successful independent operators before forming the American Bank Note Company. There are various combinations of the trustees of the company. Signing at the conclusion of the annual reports including the following: George N. Hatch. J.D. Bald, Jno E. Gavit JU. V. Carpenter, William Cumming Smillie James L. Graham, John G. Wellsford, A.G. Goodall, Tracy R. Edson, Charles Welsh, Theo. H. Freeland and others. This unique offering represents perhaps the most important group of such material related to the history of the American Bank Note Company. The combinations of important figures in the engraving industry offer a highly unusual opportunity to acquire these individuals in combination with one another on the early reports of one of America's important engraving and printing companies. Offerings such as this related to companies of importance are rarely seen. All reports are intact and fine or better condition.