Russell Sage Orders A Dividend Payment Be Made

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Russell Sage (1816-1906) Banker; Financier; U.S. Congressman. As the originator of "put and all options", Sage greatly changed the way speculators played the stock market. Among America's most powerful and wealthy bankers, he finance Jay Gould and made a vast fortune on the latter's stock manipulations. "Sage was on of the shrewdest and most conservative of all great financiers." (DAB) At one time he is said to have had $27,000,000 out on call loans. At the time of his death he left a fortune worth an estimated $70,000,000. DS 1 page. Troy, August 3, 1854. "Commercial Bank of Troy will pay to the order of A. Cary eleven hundred and fifty dollars, the amount of my dividend and he is hereby authorized to receipt the dividend book for said amount in my name or otherwise. Russell Sage." Fine