Telephone Pioneer Theodore Vail Writes To Telephone Agent O. E. Madden On Early Imprinted National Bell Telephone Company Letter While Serving As The Company’s General Manager

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Theodore Newton Vail (1845 – 1920). U.S. telephone industrialist. Served as president of A T & T from 1885 – 1889 and again from 1907 – 1919. On imprinted National Bell Telephone Co. letterhead, May 13th 1879. To the first telephone agent, O. E. Madden,

“The enclosed letter from Mr. Ayers will explain itself.

Please write to him in regard to the points so far as /wood, and the canvassers are concerned, and return the letter here. Yours Truly” Boldly signed at the conclusion by Vail as General Manager of the company.

The National Bell Telephone Company was formed in 1879 as a result of a merger between The Bell Telephone Company and New England Telephone and Telegraph. A fine example of Vail signing on the very scarce letterhead of this Early telephone entity.