A Pan American Airways Corporation Stock Issued To And Signed By Leon L. Bean, Founder of the Iconic Retailer

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Leon L. Bean (1872 - 1967).American entrepreneur and the founder of L.L.Bean, a renowned outdoor retail company. Born in Greenwood, Maine, Bean developed a passion for the outdoors from an early age. In 1912, he revolutionized the outdoor gear industry by creating the Maine Hunting Shoe, a waterproof boot with a rubber sole and leather upper, which became the cornerstone of his company. L.L.Bean's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was ingrained in its foundation, epitomized by Bean's famous satisfaction guarantee. His legacy extends beyond business success, as he also played a pivotal role in promoting outdoor recreation and fostering a sense of adventure. 1937, Delaware. Certificate for 40 shares of the Pan American Airways Corporation</B> issued to and signed by Leon L. Bean" on the verso. The stock has orange borders and background with a facsimile signature of Juan Trippe. The piece is lightly punch cancelled, including two small holes that barely touch Bean's signature. It is in very fine condition overall.