American Unitarian Leader Henry Ware

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Henry Ware (1764 - 1845). Preacher and theologian. Influential in the formation of Unitarianism and the American Unitarian Association in the United States. ALS. 1 page. 5" x 8". May 18, 1836. To Dr. Pierce; "I received yesterday from Mr. Clarke of Sherburn a note, asking me to give the charge at his Ordination, and if it should not be in my power, to request you to perform that service. It was my intention to attend the ordination, being very desirous to visit my brother there. But I was served on Sunday with a very violent cold, which has confined me ever since to the house and mostly to my bed. I can have no hope of being well enough by Thursday to make it prudent for me to attend the Ordination. I am dear sir, with great regard, yours Henry Ware." Extremely Fine.