Fine ALS By Colonial Printer Isaiah Thomas Discussing The Printing of Sermons With A Scarce Free Frank as Postmaster of Worcester, Massachusetts

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Isaiah Thomas (1749 – 1831). Colonial printer, the foremost of his day, publisher, helped Paul Revere warn of the British approach to Boston and served as a minuteman, founder of the American Antiquarian Society. Autograph Letter Signed, 1 ½ pages 4to, Worcester, Aug. 30, 1794 to Rev. Dr. Joseph Lathrop concerning the publication of his sermons. “…I lament I had not time to call on you. I shall immediately issue proposals for printing the second volume of your sermons, and will forward a number of them to you.” Fine, with the integral address leaf Free Franked by Thomas as Worcester’s first Postmaster, with a very rare straight line “Worcester Sept. 1” postmark. Lathrop, one of the most prominent Congregational ministers of his day, published seven volumes of sermons from 1796 to 1821, probably all printed by Thomas. Letters of Thomas are quite scarce.