Important Medical Pioneer Edward Augustus Holyoke Receives Payment For Medical Services Rendered

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Edward Augustus Holyoke (1728 – 1829). Physician and Educator. He pioneered the advancement of smallpox vaccination. ADS. 1 page. 6" x 3 1/4". Holyoke details payment due him for his medical services by one Aaron Wait for medicine and treatment. It is signed clearly by Holyoke. Holyoke is best known for his work with the smallpox epidemic. He allowed for Dr. Nathaniel Perkins to inoculate him with the disease and survived the treatment. Due to his survival, Holyoke was able to convince six hundred of his own patients to inoculated with only two of the patients dying. Essentially, Holyoke can be contributed with developing the first steps of a smallpox vaccine and later was able to further develop the vaccine.

Transcript: "Salem M. Aarn Wait to E.A. Holyoke,
From Oct 29, 1800 to Medicines administered and attendance to November 15, or his family. £3.11.18

December 24, 1803 received payment,
E.A. Holyoke"

A fine medical related document signed by this important medical pioneer.