John Chester Letter Signed - Receipt from Supervisors Office of CT

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Led The Only Uniformed Regiment At The Battle of Bunker Hill and Covered The American's Retreat

John Chester was a Connecticut statesman and military leader. Serving as a representative on the state legislature, speaker of the legislature, and on the state council, Chester is actually more famous for his military acts. Chester was a captain of the only organized company at the battle of Bunker Hill where his commanded his troops to aim their muskets at fellow Americans who were retreating from the battlefield in fear. The entire retreating company turned around and headed back to the battlefield. This ultimately led to the great losses the British suffered despite taking the land at the end of the battle. This letter was written as a receipt from the Supervisors Office of Connecticut in 1801. Supervisor of Connecticut was a position that Chester held for a brief period at the turn of the century.

Letter Signed. Supervisor's Office. May 6, 1801 Transcription: "Sir, For the Stamps this day received from your office you will find my receipt enclosed. I am sir, your most obedient servant, John Chester Supervisor"